Jan. 1st, 2012

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[When Lex awakens, he finds three very interesting items returned to him on his doorstep... First being his customized Lexcorp Limousine. Armor plated, bulletproof glass among other emenities. The only problem is, he needs a driver.

Leading to package number two. A large crate containing the technology for his robotic drones and duplicates. He could easily make mechanical duplications of anyone from the president to himself if he so wished... for now he merely requires mobility.

Third is a high end Armani suit with his initials, LL, emblazoned on the breast pocket. With the added bonus of a cloaking device built in that enables him to turn invisible. Lex has gear back, and better yet: in style.]


506 Ricardo Street
[You can observe Lex and a humanoid robot, all chrome, not disguised as a human yet, loading luggage into his brand new limo.]

Later, The Roads:
[Lex is slowly cruising down the road with his robot driver. Bother him while he's stopped at a light or wave him down?]

[Filtered from drones]

It has been nearly a year since my deliverance into this... town. I realize there are those who have been here longer than I have, and though the recollected items and powers form home may act as a comfort, but it does not bring us closer to home. I wonder though, to those others still stuck here, what are your future plans remaining here?


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