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2012-05-25 09:26 pm
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IC/OOC Contact Post

  IC/OOC Permissions Threads
Player Name: Jacob
AIM: Jinjo89
Plurk: Imaginos

CHARACTER SERIES: Superman, Action Comics


Backtagging: Yes.
Threadhopping: With permission.
Fourthwalling: With permission.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Depends.


Hugging this character: Sure.
Kissing this character: If you want to.
Flirting with this character: Yes, Lex is a surprisingly successful ladies man canonically.
Fighting with this character: Yes.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): If you talk it out with me beforehand, yes.
Killing this character: Yes, but like injury, I'd like to talk it out with you first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: With permission.

Warnings: Lex is a very distrustful schemer!
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2012-05-24 12:06 am
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OOC Canon Update Post!

So, to reflect the recent events of Action Comics 900, I'm updating Lex's canon.

Basically Lex had omnipotence and was making the universe the better place... but then he decided to forsake it in order to persue his petty grudge against Superman and lost all that power. Leading to a seemingly complete nervous breakdown.

So, Lex will be droned for 24 hours, and then... hilarity shall ensue!
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2012-01-01 03:06 pm

Luthor Log 7

[When Lex awakens, he finds three very interesting items returned to him on his doorstep... First being his customized Lexcorp Limousine. Armor plated, bulletproof glass among other emenities. The only problem is, he needs a driver.

Leading to package number two. A large crate containing the technology for his robotic drones and duplicates. He could easily make mechanical duplications of anyone from the president to himself if he so wished... for now he merely requires mobility.

Third is a high end Armani suit with his initials, LL, emblazoned on the breast pocket. With the added bonus of a cloaking device built in that enables him to turn invisible. Lex has gear back, and better yet: in style.]


506 Ricardo Street
[You can observe Lex and a humanoid robot, all chrome, not disguised as a human yet, loading luggage into his brand new limo.]

Later, The Roads:
[Lex is slowly cruising down the road with his robot driver. Bother him while he's stopped at a light or wave him down?]

[Filtered from drones]

It has been nearly a year since my deliverance into this... town. I realize there are those who have been here longer than I have, and though the recollected items and powers form home may act as a comfort, but it does not bring us closer to home. I wonder though, to those others still stuck here, what are your future plans remaining here?
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2011-06-13 08:51 pm
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Luthor Log 6 - Rested

 [Lex jumps up in his bed. He is covered in a  cold sweat. He can't remember much except for that... boy hitting him and then awakening in bed. He had gained godly power only to lose it due to his own inane hatred of Superman. He was too rash, but now he can think more clearly. 

And clearly the next logical step is to make sure that in leaving Mayfield he comes back with something of equal power, either through the town or from the fellow prisoners.]


This is Lex Luthor. I realize my behavior has been odd lately, but rest assured I have recovered to full health. My memory however is a bit spotty. What happened these last few days?


[Lex sits on the front of his house, sitting on the front steps, He looks over Mayfield with a large smile over his face while sipping a glass of lemonade.]
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2011-06-06 09:40 pm

Luthor Log 005 - Post Population Control

[Lex has returned to life, but his mental health isn't any better. He takes a long look in the mirror. He's not just a fallen god, but a shell of the man he once was.]

A. Phone.

This is Lex Luthor.


B. Action

[You can find Lex lying on the hammock outside his house in a near catatonic state. He's still worse for wear.]
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2011-05-27 01:54 pm

Luther Log 004 - Population Control/Nervous Breakdown

 [Lex now remembers.

Or rather, he forgets. His mind is a mess. Filled with patches. He's now been 'updated' to current. When he gained absolute omnipotence... only to lose it to his own hatred of Superman. 

His deserved hatred! But why... he can't remember... something about a friend. 

Lex walks downstairs in a stupor and finds a starnge package...]

A. Phone

Hello... Mayfield... I am Lex... Luthor? The package that arrived helped remind me. I need to rememebr more. I had all the power.

Everything I could ever dream. And I lost it! To that damn alien! The alien, who was he? Just... anger. Fury forever! I need to do this.

I need my power back. I need it all back.
B. Action.
[You can find a seemingly dazed and despondent lex laying on a hammock outside, re-reading the letter. He looks like a wreck.]
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2011-03-26 02:51 pm

Luthor Log 002 - We Are Legion

[By Phone and communicator, Lex is attempting to contact any and all Legion members and anyone willing to help.]

This is Lex Luthor. And I need your help.

The mad giant mechanical.... Milkman is destroyign the town and killing all in its path. 
We must unite if we wish to fell this abomination.

I am fighting the menace as we speak, please contact me as soon as possible.
Out Legion shall stand united and our captors will fall!

[You can see Lex flying around town in his techno Warsuit, attempting to fight the might mecha milkman. Do you help, watch, or ignore?]
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2011-01-14 01:50 am

Luthor Log 001 - Ricardo Street 506

 [Luthor's eyes slowly open to a sight most unfamiliar. He's currently lying down on an old green sofa in a robe and pink bunny slippers quite beneath him. In front of him a wooden framed television playing a black and white western TV program. Lex raises himself up, rubbing his head. What two bit crook, super villain, or interdimensional being decided to kidnap me this week? Lex examined his surroundings. Everything in the living room was astoundingly antiquated. It was bringing back memories of Smallville that he preferred not to remember. Truly whoever had him now had a sick sense of humor. Lex picks up the nearest piece of technology he can find; a telephone. He dials his personal line, capable of being phoned within the solar system.]

This is Lex Luthor.