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 [Lex now remembers.

Or rather, he forgets. His mind is a mess. Filled with patches. He's now been 'updated' to current. When he gained absolute omnipotence... only to lose it to his own hatred of Superman. 

His deserved hatred! But why... he can't remember... something about a friend. 

Lex walks downstairs in a stupor and finds a starnge package...]

A. Phone

Hello... Mayfield... I am Lex... Luthor? The package that arrived helped remind me. I need to rememebr more. I had all the power.

Everything I could ever dream. And I lost it! To that damn alien! The alien, who was he? Just... anger. Fury forever! I need to do this.

I need my power back. I need it all back.
B. Action.
[You can find a seemingly dazed and despondent lex laying on a hammock outside, re-reading the letter. He looks like a wreck.]
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[By Phone and communicator, Lex is attempting to contact any and all Legion members and anyone willing to help.]

This is Lex Luthor. And I need your help.

The mad giant mechanical.... Milkman is destroyign the town and killing all in its path. 
We must unite if we wish to fell this abomination.

I am fighting the menace as we speak, please contact me as soon as possible.
Out Legion shall stand united and our captors will fall!

[You can see Lex flying around town in his techno Warsuit, attempting to fight the might mecha milkman. Do you help, watch, or ignore?]


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